Podcast 256, with Caelan, Chris and Gary

October 20, 2014

There Will Be The Shining. Bobo Boys Caelan Biehn, Chris Laxamana, and Gary Smith return for an in-depth analysis of The Shining– a film only half the guys had seen, and one of whom still had to finish. We also discuss the various between-the-lines meanings found in the doc ‘Room 237′, and Caelan tells a spooky ghost story.

There Will Be Spoilers, Episode 256


Podcast 255, with Julie Taylor

October 13, 2014

There Will Be Witches. Julie Taylor, girlfriend and first time guest, helps me get the Halloween spirit going with a conversation about everything from witch movies to Wiccan hippies. We also discuss the problems with wizards, and the handful of Witch TV shows Julie enjoys while I read my Entertainment Weekly on the couch.

There Will Be Spoilers, Episode 255


Podcast 254, with Robbie Starr

October 6, 2014

There Will Be Obvious Titles. Robbie Starr returns to discuss movies where the title tells you everything you need to know. We also chat about the opposite: movie titles that serve no other purpose than to confuse the hell out of you.

There Will Be Spoilers, Episode 254


Podcast 253, with Matt Schulman, Kevin Buckalew and Brett Buckalew

September 29, 2014

There Will Be Revival Film Screenings. Matt Schulman, along with Kevin and Brett Buckalew, sit down for a podcast about the films we were too young to catch in theaters, but still managed to see on a big screen anyway. Good times at the New Beverly… bad times when a dog takes a shit in the middle of the podcast.

There Will Be Spoilers, Episode 253


Podcast 252, with Jeff Newman

September 22, 2014

There Will Be Blood, and other Women’s Issues. Jeff Newman joins for a semi-serious, mostly-offensive conversation about what life must be like for the ladies. I try to bring up important issues like sexual objectification and discrimination in the workplace… if only Jeff would stop obsessively talking about girl’s periods.

There Will Be Spoilers, Episode 252


Podcast 251, with Gary Smith

September 8, 2014

There Will Be Our 30s. Gary Smith returns to help me say goodbye to my 20s and welcome in the new decade of responsibility and consequences. We also look back on some of our favorite moments since college, and try to come to terms with the fact that we’re finally becoming adults.

There Will Be Spoilers, Episode 251


Podcast 250, with Justin Haacke

September 1, 2014

There Will Be Innocence Lost. Justin Haacke is back for another landmark episode. This week we discuss ‘Coming of Age’ films, and raise important questions like ‘does the kid from Big get laid a lot now?’ and ‘why is that kid from Dead Poets Society such a miserable little shit?’

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There Will Be Spoilers, Episode 250


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