Podcast 078, with Colin Fitzpatrick

February 14, 2011

In honor of recording 24 hours of content, fake OPHS-alumni Colin Fitzpatrick helps me discuss movies that take place within a day. We also have an extended conversation about Puppet Movies.

Click to stream, or Right Click+Save Link As to download mp3:
There Will Be Spoilers, Episode 078


That’s the first time I rolled a live video while recording. I kinda liked that, will have to make it a regular thing. Here’s the trailer if you want to see for yourself:



  1. Great ep.

    Rick Moranis has actually pointed to the Honey I Shrunk The Kids franchise as the reason he no longer needs to take acting jobs. That makes me sad.

    Also, any “hostage situation” movie like Dog Day Afternoon or Die Hard or Under Siege typically takes place in a single day, as do movies like Go or Pulp Fiction (I think?). Plus, there’s Groundhog Day, which is a single day over and over again. =)

    • Yeah, I meant to mention Die Hard and actually I was trying to figure out Pulp Fiction as well… I think you may be right.

      Two other titles that came to me too late: Speed and Twister

  2. Is Speed all one day? There’s that beginning part with the elevator shaft but I can’t recall the time passage between that and the bus stuff.

    • Hmm, you know, I thought it was…. but now that you mention it, doesn’t Keanu get a Medal for shooting Jeff Daniels in the leg?


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