Podcast 080, with Paul Travisano

February 28, 2011

Paul Travisano and I do our post-Oscar wrap-up, and dedicate the rest of the episode to indie filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

Click to stream, or Right Click+Save Link As to download mp3:
There Will Be Spoilers, Episode 080


Special thanks to B. Rader for sending me written directions on recording Skype calls, even though he explained it all to me verbally like 15 times.

Also, if there are more flubs and stutters than usual, it’s because I have to hear my own voice in my headphones when I do Skype shows like this, and the voice delay throws me off constantly.



  1. So many great Spielberg movies. The unmentioned:

    Hook – One of my favorite movies as a kid. A great action-adventure, good (and ballsy) casting, great family film. Robin Williams at his non-serious best.

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind – Helped (with ET) define the modern alien and sci-fi genre. A movie that is good on repeat watching and makes a hell of a lot more sense now than when I saw it as a kid. Excellent mystery/suspense stuff going on too.

    Amistad – Anthony Hopkins’ best role outside of Hannibal Lector, in my opinion. A pretty historically accurate movie full of intense questions about humanity, identity, and our country’s colonial days. Underrated and under-seen, but just as powerful as Munich, in my opinion.

    • Nice! Oddly enough the only other time Hook has been mentioned on this podcast was the FIRST time Paul was a guest (Ep 30) so I didn’t bring it up.

      Close Encounters is one of my favorites, but I still think the ending of him abandoning his family to go play with aliens makes for a strange story.

      And Amistad makes me think of high school history class. Perhaps I should try that again, forgot he even directed it…

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