Podcast 088, with Justin Haacke

April 25, 2011

‘Christopher Nolan is a BAMF.’ So said a friend of mine when I explained the topic of this week’s episode. Justin Haacke returns for a podcast we both agreed was way better than the last one we recorded together.

Click to stream, or Right Click+Save Link As to download mp3:
There Will Be Spoilers, Episode 088


Contrary to what I said at the top of the episode, this is NOT episode 89. Part of me wanted to record another episode before this just so I wouldn’t sound like an idiot… but I ran out of time, and assumed you’d all take the idiot effect into account anyway.


One comment

  1. Most forgettable best picture winner of my lifetime: Crash (2004). The crazy 1996 Cronenberg movie of the same name is more memorable, honestly.

    I am not a big fan of Slumdog, though I think the hype surrounding it and the cultural elements will allow it to endure for a while.

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