Podcast 101, with Joel Sinensky

July 24, 2011

TWBS 101: Film Appreciation. Rival professor Joel Sinensky and I go through our imaginary syllabus if we were teaching a film class. We also ask listeners to choose which class they’d rather take.

Click to stream, or Right Click+Save Link As to download mp3:
There Will Be Spoilers, Episode 101


I was right, Gene Wilder is in Bonnie and Clyde. Boo-yah! This is just one more reason why I should be your film teacher, and not Joel.


  1. I have a strong suspicion it’s going to end up just being Robbie casting the single, deciding vote.

  2. I’m going with Matt’s class. It was very close, but any chance to watch Citizen Kane and BTTF 2 is too good to pass up. Though, if he was a stickler on how good those essays had to be, I may drop or audit.

  3. I am a complete film snob and have taken extensive film courses and Joel’s class is hands down more thorough and just better.

    • Agreed. Seriously, Matt, Casablanca and Citizen Kane are “really old movies”? There’s 40 years of some really good stuff before them. No Chaplin or Keaton, let alone Un Chien Andalou or Voyage to the Moon? These are necessary movies for a Film 101 class.

      Joel wins hands down. I’d take his class and I like it. Mostly.

      • If you showed Un Chien Andalou and Voyage to the Moon, I would sleep through your class. Just sayin.

  4. Although both courses include several great movies I would love to watch again in a class environment, I’ve got to side with Matt on this one. The addition of his homework assignments is actually an attractive addition for me, despite hating homework typically.

  5. It won’t let me reply to your other comment, but Un Chien Andalou is only 16 minutes long and includes both nudity and eye-slicing. Voyage to the Moon would be 8 minutes long (because I’d show it at 24 fps) and has space aliens and shit. If you fall asleep during either, you’re a goddamned narcoleptic.

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