Podcast 136, This American Spoiler

March 26, 2012

From TWBS Studios, it’s This American Spoiler. Presenting the grand finale of my two-year podcastversary, with a little help from Danny Ricker, Joel Sinensky, and Justin Haacke. This week, a departure from the normal podcast format in lieu of personal stories about the cinematic experience. Stay with us.

Click to stream, or Right Click+Save Link As to download mp3:
There Will Be Spoilers, Episode 136



  1. Dear TWBS Studios —

    As a representative of Starr Films, Inc., I hereby issue a cease and desist for this episode of This American Spoilers. The first segment of your podcast was highly derivative of Robbie Starr’s fourth student film at USC and, in addition, your use of Badly Drawn Boy’s File Me Away, also known as “Breakfast Surprise Theme,” was blatant intellectual theft.

    Please correct these issues or we will be forced to engage in legal action.

    — Starr Films, Inc.
    A subsidiary of Starrtutoring International

    • To the representative inquiring on behalf of Starr Films, Inc.,

      It has come to our understanding that any and all projects filmed for the University of Southern California belong to them. We suggest taking your legal queries there, at which time we can readress your claim.

      We at TWBS Studios also find it unusual that a cease and desist is being issued by a subsidiary of the same company that distributed the digital file in the first place. Perhaps some of the higher ups at Starrtutoring would disagree with your assertions. In fact, maybe some of the higher ups at Starrtutoring would consider your negligent cease and desist slanderous. Quid pro quo, wingardium leviosa, the file stays.

  2. Nice job on this one Matt. Well worth the extra time you must have spent on it. Really like the idea of doing satires of your favorite podcasts this month. It’s fun.

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