Podcast 175, Top 10 Films of 2012

January 7, 2013

Jeez, are you sure you wanna hear this? Almost an hour of me drunkenly rambling about my favorite films of last year… there’s also a lot of slurring and complaining about how long and boring everything is– not unlike this very episode. Sooo, if that sounds like your cup of tea, then you, my friend, are in for a treat.

Click to stream, or Right Click+Save Link As to download mp3:
There Will Be Spoilers, Episode 175


One comment

  1. Matt,

    I was glad to see “The Impossible” get an honorable mention on your list of the top movies of 2012. Like you, I’m a fan of survival movies, and “The Impossible” is a great one. There’s a lot about it that rings true for me.

    In the podcast, you couldn’t come up with where the film (based on a true story) was set. It was set in Khao Lak, Thailand, on the west coast of that country about 60 kilometers north of Phuket. That whole region of Thailand is a popular tourist destination.

    I’ve heard you mention the film “127 Hours” a few times on other episodes. I just wanted to say that a 1.5-hour-long NBC show about Aron Ralston is on YouTube. Just search for “Desperate Days in Blue John Canyon” and you’ll find the links. It’s divided into 6 parts. The show gives quite a few details – some fascinating ones – that weren’t in Danny Boyle’s theatrical version. If you liked “127 Hours”, you might get a lot out of watching this long interview/documentary. I’ve also heard that the book is very good. I haven’t read it yet, though.



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