Podcast 206, with Robbie Starr

September 16, 2013

There Will Be Running (and Netflix). Robbie Starr is a man who wakes up at 4am to run, whereas you couldn’t pay me to do that. We discuss the mentality behind this truly American hero, and also talk about the lineup of Netflix original programming that I have yet to watch.

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There Will Be Spoilers, Episode 206


  1. There is a classic 1976 movie featuring running that fits right in with your discussion: “Marathon Man”.

    It particularly fits because of your question, Matt, about whether Robbie ever used his running skills to do something dramatic or heroic. If movies are any guide, you’d think that people would be running all the time to solve crimes, catch criminals, escape from killers, chase down thieves, or flee from dangerous animals. The truth is that once we become adults, we rarely run. As kids, we run all the time, but then we stop. I’m willing to bet that lots of people in their forties and fifties and sixties haven’t actually broken into a run for decades. Most adults probably couldn’t make it the length of a city block at a full sprint without collapsing.

    That’s why I always find it funny when in movies, people seem able to run at full tilt indefinitely. And at the end of the chase scene when they have to speak, they aren’t out of breath at all. I wonder if there has ever been a realistic chase scene in a movie, one in which the chaser and chasee eventually both run out of steam and just stand there panting and staring at each other before staggering on again. I have a vague memory of seeing such a scene, but I can’t remember what movie I saw it in.

    In any event, “Marathon Man” is interesting because Dustin Hoffman’s character uses his marathon training to be able to run and try to escape from the bad guys. I like it because of its realism.

    Another very good film that features running in a real-life situation (this time, war) is “Gallipoli” starring a young Mel Gibson.

    • Ooooh forgot about Gallipoli! Love that movie and would have fit nicely in our discussion as both Robbie and I had to watch it in high school!

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