Podcast 219, with Justin Haacke

December 23, 2013

There Will Be HBO Dramas. Justin Haacke is back, and this time slightly drunker, for part two of the historical two part episode, aka TWBSHBOTVx2p2. This week we learn that neither of us have seen nearly as many of the Dramas as we thought, but dammit if we still don’t think we know everything about them.

Click to stream, or Right Click+Save Link As to download mp3:
There Will Be Spoilers, Episode 219



  1. tell justin to stop burping. he is a delight otherwise.

  2. I agree100%, no more burping.

  3. Tell Justin to quit burping into the microphone. And also tell him to quit sounding like a drunk pre-pubescent catholic schoolgirl after consuming the unacceptable quantity of only 4 beers. Grow up Justin you HACK!

  4. The burping was incredibly obnoxious. I’ll never listen to another episode with Justin. He’s a moron.

  5. I don’t think you should stop, i like the burping 🙂 add some in the New episodes, I’ll listen to all of them

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