*A Note to Listeners*

Subscribe on iTunes! It’s totally free and your iPod will automatically update each podcast as I post them. Just go to the iTunes store, search There Will Be Spoilers, and hit Subscribe!

Follow me on Twitter @TWBSpodcast, or send your questions/concerns to TWBSpodcast@gmail.com.

Very special thanks to Robbie Starr for allowing me to upload these conversations onto his website. If you need to get better at math, or you need your kids to, go to his website: starrtutoring.com

Also, uberthanks to Araceli for sitting next to me and explaining to me step-by-step how to configure my RSS feed and all that iTunes bullshit. I don’t think she’s actually listened to a single episode… but she’s a contributor, and I sincerely appreciate it.

Thanks to everyone else for all your support.  Please feel free to comment on the blog, and enjoy!


  1. Hey bud, I’d like to check out the show but I don’t do iTunes, any chance we can get some Zune marketplace distribution?

    • Hey Justin-

      I am working on this now, will hopefully be avail to the Zuners (can I call you that?) soon.

  2. You can and I look forward to the show.

    Spoil on!

    • “Forwarded to my guy over at Microsoft, you should see it up there pretty soon.” — Podcast Legend Mike Cioffi

      • They still make zunes?

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